ACI-COIL can be used when re-conditioning condenser coils in place as long as water is available for rinsing. An ideal product for air conditioning repair shops, excellent product cleaning aluminum and stainless steel busses, boats, fuel tanks, trucks, highway trailers, or any establishments which maintains air-conditioning systems. Air conditioning coils and fins should ideally be treated with ACI-COIL in the spring and fall. Several other applications can be made during the year are a regular preventive maintenance procedure in industrial areas where contamination is severe. Regular preventive maintenance can lengthened the life of the condenser and save expensive replacement costs and down time. A small price to pay compared to the rising cost of power, a lot of which is wasted due to inefficient systems.


Available in: 2x10L case, 4x4L case and 12x1L



New formula New Coil is a safe, pleasant-smelling no rinse formulation for cleaning chiller coils of accumulated lint, soil, grease, tobacco film and other efficient-robbing particles. Because New Coil rinses “automatically” with the natural condensation action of chiller coils, it can be used to clean coils in place, indoors and out.


  • “No-rinse” feature saves costly labor time and allows chiller coil cleaning in place.
  • Penetrating action gives highly effective detergency without agitation
  • Completely water soluble so it leaves no residues.
  • Safe to use – non-toxic. Non-corrosive to all metals and plastics normally used in air-conditioning equipment.
  • Pleasant fragrance.


Available in: 210L drum, 30L pail, 2x10L case, 4x4L, 12x1L and case of 12 Aerosol.